Monday, 28 March 2011

March Photo Challenge - Day 19, 20, 21 & 22

I have hopefully networked my blog so that when I blog it is linked with my Facebook page which means only one posting rather than two, so fingers crossed it all works!!!

Day 19
We've had some glorious weather these past few days and the 19th was no exception the kids spent most of the day in the garden and the lovely sunshine meant I could get out and about with my camera. I'd been watching the blossom appear on the trees in the garden for the past week and have been trying to capture that softness of the blossom, so I didn't want all of it to be in focus but I still wanted to see the blossom, if you catch my drift. I've tried to use a technique called Bokeh, which is a Japenese word to describe the out of focus shapes and colours that you get in many photographs.
you can read more about this technique here

 Day 20
 The 20th was Tomas' birthday and I can't quite believe he is already three and will be starting nursery after Easter. He is such a cheeky chappie and a real bundle of fun and we all enjoyed a real family day in the garden. Ate a lovely roast dinner and then watched Tomas open his presents and blow out the candles on his cake!!!

Day 21

Not much in the way of inspiration today but I did take my camera up to school in the afternoon and took a picture of the tiny church next door, I also took a picture of the church sign on the hall next door and superimposed it. I would have liked to have had the whole sign showing but for some reason Picasa wouldn't let me do that!!!


Day 22
We were bathroom hunting today and I had hoped for a picture of a long line of toilets, which we did see in this super huge warehouse full of bathroom stuff, but with Tomas running around and me sitting in baths (fully clothed obviously) there just wasn't enough time.. and so after a busy hour looking and trying out bathrooms suites we headed off to Southend for Rossi's ice-cream followed by chips. I know that seems like the wrong way round but boy was it delicious!!! The tide was out when we arrived but just a short time later the water had hit the sandy shore, Tomas and I were collected treasure from the beach when I took this shot!


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