Saturday, 2 April 2011

March Scavenger Hunt

This is my first attempt at the Photo Scavenger Hunt organised by the lovely Postcards from the PP. I love this kind of challenge as everyone interepts the lists in different ways and it is great to see all the different photographs. You can see lots of the photos over on Kathy's blog by either looking at her Flickr group page or the Scavenger Hunt Linky page.

March List was an interesting mix and I managed 11 out of the 12 - it was the something as old as you that got me as I couldn't seem to think of are the 11 I did get!!!!

A Lion

I was hoping for a really cute picture of Tomas wearing this lion head but he was having none of it so it just the head for me this time......

A Rainbow

This amazing light sculpture is in the main entrance to the O2 and was changing colour as we left

Something Green

with green being my favourite colour I had many things to choose from but couldn't resist the cabbage and leeks we had with our roast last Sunday

A Collection

Our Marble Collection

A Lamb

Something Sentimental

Our wedding photograph it has been the only time I have liked any photo's that I have had taken.....and that was because I had such a fabulous day and was just talking to Paul constantly without taking any notice of the photographer.

An Empty Chair

We were driving back from the garden centre when I spied this chair and made Paul turn round so that I could take the photograph.

A Fancy Gate

This was taken on the same journey as the empty chair and again I made Paul turn around to take this shot and had to almost lie on the ground to get the church spire in too.

A Ring

Tomas found this metal ring in the garden

A Shadow

I love the shadow cast by this tree

and finally

Peeling Paint

I think Paul was fed up with all the turning around on our journey home and he spied this old farm machinery before I did.


joy said...

lovely pictures, tracy, I think I'll go and have a look at that, sounds like a good thing to be involved in.
joy xx

bad penny said...

These are fabulous. So many favourites - the ring, the gate, the rainbow and sad old empty chair . Lovely

Louise said...

These are great photos! The rainbow is amazing!

I am really enjoying my monthly scavenging!

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