Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The final four....

Here are the final four photos of this month's A Kitten Called Betty A to Z photo challenge.....

A play on words for W (double U) in the shape of these two horseshoes, I had to play around to get the angle right but I think it works, don't you?

Living in a rugby mad house H could only be one thing and that's rugby posts, even Tomas says H is rugby posts as when he first started using the computer it was an easy way of remembering the letters! I did have to highlight this quite a bit to make the posts stand out and in doing so lost the top right hand corner a little but I think you get the gist! 

We have some beautiful churches in our local area and I knew that I wanted to incorporate some of their architecture in this challenge. The arched windows make an excellent M.
What I have found though is that you can't always crop out everything as you can loose what the image actually is.

Living in a Victorian house we have lots of lovely period features one of which is this cornice brickwork around one of the upstairs windows which formed a great L.

This has been a great challenge and I very nearly thought I wouldn't get them all I will be working on my collage over the next few days and post a picture as soon as it is finished.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Minding your p's and q's

Here are four more of my A to Z photo's

I found a P in our dining room chairs

I have to confess to using this idea in a previous challenge and try as I might I couldn't find another Z so I retook this shot and bob's your uncle as they say!! 

Whilst in our neighbours garden (feeding his fish) I noticed an S in the garden arch but for the life of me I couldn't get the picture right to make the S stand out, so whilst the kids were busy with the fish I went on a walkabout and spied this door handle, I rotated the shot changed it to black and white and then inverted the colours. 

Q is another one of those difficult letters, in a previous challenge I used an overhead shot of a cup for my Q so wanted to try something different this time. A walk along the lane outside our house located this Q in the chain around the gate posts. 

Tomorrow will be the final four of this A to Z Challenge, I'm already thinking of a suitable challenge for next month so if you have any ideas then feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A to Z

I did it! I have found all 26 letters of the alphabet in everyday objects from hooks to bus stops and all kinds of things in between.....I won't bombard you with all the remaining ones as there are still a few days of May left so I will schedule several posts finishing (hopefully) with a collage of all 26 photos.

G had me stumped so I decided on the easy option and took this bokeh picture of my car badge

With a careful bit of manoeuvring I managed to position myself just right to capture this F in my neighbours garden 

This was my final photo for this challenge and as its on our journey to school I had to pop out on Sunday to take this shot as the kids would have been mortified if I had stopped with them in the car!!! 

Another shot taken in my neighbours garden (we were feeding the fish for them whilst they were away). These lovely arched windows, turned on their side, make a brilliant B. 

Bike frames are super for this kind of challenge this Y is the brake mechanism of Tomas' Fireman Sam bike. 

O is probably one of the easiest letters to find and we just happened to have this O hanging around in the garden!! 

Right I make that 18 letters down with 8 left to go, thanks for taking the time to look at my photos and look out for my scheduled post for tomorrow. x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

more letters for the Alphabet Challenge

I really meant to post these photos as I took them but time has been against me lately so here are some more letters for the the Alphabet Challenge.
U - the catch for the hook on our summer house door edited with a crop and holga-ish

I - well a row of I's the drain cover on our concrete hard standing
cropped and edited in black and white 

T - this is one of my favourites and I ummed and ahhed over whether to leave it colour as the yellow of the rapeseed and the blue skies were so vivid but I edited it to black and white to be in keeping with my other photos.  

K - K was always going to be difficult and I had to try many different perspectives to get this one right.
This one of the old Singer treadle bases that I have in the garden. I wanted to make sure that you could still make out the workings of the treadle in the photo and not just capture the K.

I have seen quite a few V's during this challenge but spied these rows on one of Tomas' cars (its a car transporter) The only thing I'm not happy with is I feel it's lacks a little depth and tone.  

I drive past this sign every day on the way to pre-school and as Paul was driving the other day and the road was clear I managed a quick snapshot out of the window, looking at it on the camera I wasn't very happy as I had an idea of what I wanted and it wasn't what I had on the camera, but once i had it up on the computer I realised that all was not lost as the sky background gave a more dramatic effect! Phew!!! 

I shall post more of the Alphabet Challenge photos over the next few days, there is only a week left now and I still have the last six to find, onwards and upwards!!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

A to Z photo challenge

Having spent the first few days of this challenge drawing a complete blank on any of the letters this morning I managed to find five indoors!
Paul jet washed our patio this morning and I spied this shiny E on the outdoor mat
Edited - cropped, highlighted and holga-ish tool used
 All the doors in our house have old handles and locks I saw this D on one of the bedroom doors.
Edited - cropped, highlighted and black and white tool used
 This hook made an ideal J and was found on the back of our sons bedroom door.
Edited - cropped and holga-ish tool added
 I had seen several ideas for X, the oars of one of our local pubs outside wall, the wine rack but then I remembered my glass dressing table set had this design on it so I held it up to thewindow and took this shot.
Edited - highlighted and black and white tool used
 I was messing about with my camera and the lock on my wardrobe door when I realised that I could possibly get away with the inside of the key looking like a C
Edited - cropped, rotated and black and white tool added
I definitely seem to be favouring the black and white option for these photos I wonder if it will continue, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A is for......

A Frame

This is my first photograph for the A Kitten Called Betty A to Z photo challenge and was taken in our garden using my Nikon D40X, standard 18-55 lens and edited using Picasa to straighten it. I then used the holga-ish  tool (makes your photo look like it's been taken with a plastic camera) and added a black vignette to darken the edges and finished it off with a museum matte border.

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