Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Photo Challenge Day 2

I seem to be keeping with the Welsh theme today, which is.........


I spotted this black lamb on the way to pick up the kids from school yesterday and decided that this had to be today's shot!!!

So after I picked up my daughter we drove past the field but the sheep were at the far end and the sun directly in front of us, so it was a no go....Disaster!!!

I was really disappointed as I had no back up plan and the daylight wasn't going to be around for long.
 So on our way to pick up my son we detoured to see if there were anymore sheep at a nearby farm, but no luck....
What was I going to do???
After picking up my son I decided to have one last look to see if the sheep have moved and they had.
Much to the kids embarrassment I left them in the car to traipse over the A12 bridge  and down to the field where the sheep were grazing.
Although I had my 55-200 lens I still couldn't get the shot I wanted so I walked down a bit further and took some more shots. This seemed to worry the sheep some what and they started coming towards me baaing.

When I got home and explained what happened to my husband he said they just thought I was going to feed them but I'm sure they had a much sinister idea and I was glad that we had the fence between us!!!

I would have liked it to have been more focused on the black lamb, but with the kids waiting in the car and trying to take the shots through the hedgerow it proved a little difficult. Maybe next time.

So anyhow this is my shot for today......
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joy said...

oh, tracy, my husband thinks I'm mad if I stop to take shot of something while we are walking together! if I had done what you did to get a shot (and yes, I would have done) I certainly wouldn't have told him about it! well done, great shot - and sheep are pretty inquisitive, they just wondered what the heck you were up to and wanted a closer look.

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