Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hot and Cold!!!!

Yesterday we finally decided to put up our pool as it's been sooo hot. It takes ages to fill up and is absolutely freezing when we do but for some reason my kids don't feel the cold and jump straight in. Rachel spent all morning pestering us about going in and Tompom kept saying he wanted to go in the "pond".
So at about 10am this morning Tompom emerged with a little help from his big sister looking like this!!!
Now don't be fooled by this lovely looking blue water it came straight from the tap and hadn't even had the chance to be warmed by the sun.

Little toes waiting in anticipation...

You can tell how cold it is from the look on her face!!!
I'm ready!!!


I'm not cold honestly!!!
Jack decided to join in the fun and immediately wished he hadn't!!!
They stayed in for about 15 mins and needed hot chocolates and warm clothes on to recover!!!

Saying all that though it didn't stop Paul, Rachel and Jack going in again later on in the day, where there was a some of this...
Plenty of that...
And smiles all round...
Needless to say I kept watch from a safe distance (mainly my workshop) and shall only be venturing in the pool on very, very hot days and wearing my wetsuit after I have unearthed from the garage!!!
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June Scavenger Hunt

Kathy from
has posted the Photo Scavenger Hunt list for June
if you fancy joining in go grab your camera and start hunting, then at the end of the month post your 12 photo's on your blog or flickr and use the linky on Kathy's blog.

June's Photo Scavenger Hunt List

  1. something with your town's name on it
  2. an elephant
  3. a wheel trim
  4. architectural detail
  5. cheese
  6. night
  7. tree branches
  8. cutlery
  9. a childhood memory
  10. a farm animal
  11. something beginning with z...
  12. the view right outside your door

May Photo Scavenger Hunt

The end of May crept up on me rather rapidly and it was a mad dash to take the last few photos before yesterday's deadline, but here are my offerings for this month's challenge.

Butterflies were also a part of my facebook photo challenge and I did have a few to choose from (not all living ones) but a trip yesterday to Tropical Wings and was able to catch this beauty!
A Butterfly
At the beginning of May we visited Audley House and as part of their Bank Holiday celebrations they were holding a Victorian Event and I was hoping that their pennyfarthing would be out and about - but sadly this was not to be, so can you imagine my surprise when on my way to town the other morning I saw this chappie riding his bike through the streets of our village. A quick u-turn and some hap-hazard parking and I managed to catch this...
A Bicycle
The toilet door at a tiny church in Little Baddow where we have our summer toddler meetings - the gardens are beautiful and the children have a lovely time.
A Red Door
The cartoon character one had me stumped until our visit to Tropical Wings yesterday - Tompom is a huge fan of Garfield over on Cartoonito so this had to go into the album.
A Cartoon Character
Like most of you I had trouble getting a photo of an emergency vehicle that wasn't moving rapidly through the streets so resorted to one of Tompom's wooden Police cars.
An Emergency Vehicle

I picked up this vintage camera at an event my local charity shop was holding.
Think Vintage!
As some of you know we have had a big problem with bees in our house/garden and I grabbed the camera quickly when I saw Paul looking through the sight of his air rifle as he tried to scare off the bees from the chimney!!!
Something Blue
Not technically a street lamp but the lamp in our neighbour's garden..
A Street Light
The texture of the shell of the giant tortoise at Tropical Wings.
We had to look after next doors fish whilst they were away at the beginning of the month and I managed to catch these two - I am a Pisces after all.
A sign of the Zodiac
This is the old Manor House at the end of our road - Sandon Brook Manor. We live in one of the original chauffeur/butler cottages at the other end of the lane.
It has been a naughty boys school in its past and is now home to several luxury apartments.
An Interesting Local Building
This picture of Tompom smelling a white rose is my black and white portrait.
A Portrait in Black and White
If you have enjoyed looking at my collection of photos for the Scavenger Hunt and want to see more then pop over to Kathy's blog Postcard's from the PP.
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