Friday, 18 March 2011

March Photo Challenge Day 15,16,17 &18

Day 15
Not much in the way of photography today, grey skies, grey mood! But a trip to the local Tesco Homestore and I saw this crane opposite grabbed the camera and took a quick shot before rushing off on the school run. Once it was on the computer it looked a bit bland so it was changed to black and white and then the yellow colour background added.

Day 16
Belgian Bun - or as it is more commonly known in our house Tit Cake!

Day 17

Decided to take my camera into our out of town branch of Next today and spied these shoes on display and just couldn't resist a quick snap!!!
Not sure these will be very practical for the school run though!
Felt rather conspicuous  - more strange middle aged woman with camera than arty student type!!!

Day 18
Rain really stopped play today.
A day indoors playing cars.
This is my version of the rush hour traffic over the QE2 bridge!!!

Right that's me up to date now. Let's hope I can keep it up!
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