Monday, 28 May 2012

A to Z

I did it! I have found all 26 letters of the alphabet in everyday objects from hooks to bus stops and all kinds of things in between.....I won't bombard you with all the remaining ones as there are still a few days of May left so I will schedule several posts finishing (hopefully) with a collage of all 26 photos.

G had me stumped so I decided on the easy option and took this bokeh picture of my car badge

With a careful bit of manoeuvring I managed to position myself just right to capture this F in my neighbours garden 

This was my final photo for this challenge and as its on our journey to school I had to pop out on Sunday to take this shot as the kids would have been mortified if I had stopped with them in the car!!! 

Another shot taken in my neighbours garden (we were feeding the fish for them whilst they were away). These lovely arched windows, turned on their side, make a brilliant B. 

Bike frames are super for this kind of challenge this Y is the brake mechanism of Tomas' Fireman Sam bike. 

O is probably one of the easiest letters to find and we just happened to have this O hanging around in the garden!! 

Right I make that 18 letters down with 8 left to go, thanks for taking the time to look at my photos and look out for my scheduled post for tomorrow. x


Kezzie said...

Hello Tracy! It's nice to meet you! I am sooo sooo impressed with this challenge! It's so brilliantly clever! Especially the B!!! Wow! Anyway, I am your swap partner for Mary's heart-made swap! Yay!

Kezzie said...

Hey Tracy! Thanks for your comment! I've done 2 swaps before, both of them Lakota's Faith, Hope and Charity ones (once with Gem!), both of which I only handmade one or two items. Having seen how amazing your crafting is, in so many different disciplines, overawed me as I'm afraid mine isn't so good, nor do I make such a wide-variety of things! I do it for fun when I have time and I like a challenge and now very worried!! My e-mail is (backwards) liamtekcor at renragnillak

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