Wednesday, 23 May 2012

more letters for the Alphabet Challenge

I really meant to post these photos as I took them but time has been against me lately so here are some more letters for the the Alphabet Challenge.
U - the catch for the hook on our summer house door edited with a crop and holga-ish

I - well a row of I's the drain cover on our concrete hard standing
cropped and edited in black and white 

T - this is one of my favourites and I ummed and ahhed over whether to leave it colour as the yellow of the rapeseed and the blue skies were so vivid but I edited it to black and white to be in keeping with my other photos.  

K - K was always going to be difficult and I had to try many different perspectives to get this one right.
This one of the old Singer treadle bases that I have in the garden. I wanted to make sure that you could still make out the workings of the treadle in the photo and not just capture the K.

I have seen quite a few V's during this challenge but spied these rows on one of Tomas' cars (its a car transporter) The only thing I'm not happy with is I feel it's lacks a little depth and tone.  

I drive past this sign every day on the way to pre-school and as Paul was driving the other day and the road was clear I managed a quick snapshot out of the window, looking at it on the camera I wasn't very happy as I had an idea of what I wanted and it wasn't what I had on the camera, but once i had it up on the computer I realised that all was not lost as the sky background gave a more dramatic effect! Phew!!! 

I shall post more of the Alphabet Challenge photos over the next few days, there is only a week left now and I still have the last six to find, onwards and upwards!!!

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