Friday, 4 May 2012

A to Z photo challenge

Having spent the first few days of this challenge drawing a complete blank on any of the letters this morning I managed to find five indoors!
Paul jet washed our patio this morning and I spied this shiny E on the outdoor mat
Edited - cropped, highlighted and holga-ish tool used
 All the doors in our house have old handles and locks I saw this D on one of the bedroom doors.
Edited - cropped, highlighted and black and white tool used
 This hook made an ideal J and was found on the back of our sons bedroom door.
Edited - cropped and holga-ish tool added
 I had seen several ideas for X, the oars of one of our local pubs outside wall, the wine rack but then I remembered my glass dressing table set had this design on it so I held it up to thewindow and took this shot.
Edited - highlighted and black and white tool used
 I was messing about with my camera and the lock on my wardrobe door when I realised that I could possibly get away with the inside of the key looking like a C
Edited - cropped, rotated and black and white tool added
I definitely seem to be favouring the black and white option for these photos I wonder if it will continue, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. thanks for looking!


Paula said...

Great photos, my favourite is the first because it reminds me of the joined up writing I learned at school, the Es looked almost like that.

Gem said...

I thik these look great in black and white. There is a company that sell pictures of words made up of things like this. It looks so effective and they charge a fair whack for them too, it is great to be able to do it yourself :) x x x x

Katie said...

Found your blog today for the first time and am your newest follower! Glad I found you, lovely photos by the way! Love Katie xx

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