Thursday, 22 September 2011

On top of the world....

well okay Essex then!!!!
Tonight I had the chance to make use of the wonderful evenings we've been having lately, Tomas went off to bed early so I took the older two up to the park, leaving Paul home to watch the news in peace whilst I had the chance to roam about at one of the highest points in the county; the back of St John's Church Danbury.
Although the light was good is was rather cloudy so the sun kept popping in and out and I really think I should have come out half an hour earlier (instead of trying to finish my crochet) as the sun soon dipped behind the trees but I will know for next time.
I managed to get a few shots of the view from the back of the church out towards South Woodham and Hanningfield Reservoir and beyond.

I also managed to get some shots of the church windows for the glass theme of our Facebook Photo Challenge.
There are several allotments at the back of the church too and I took this shot of some pretty yellow flowers growing in the hedgerow (anyone know what they are?)
I also wanted to try out some black and white shots as there is a  Black and White competition at Camera Club soon and these are the results.

Although these were taken in colour and changed to black and white in Picasa I did try and choose the subjects because I felt that they would make good black and white prints rather then looking at the shots later and then deciding. My Nikon D40x allows me to check each photo in Monochrome in situ so I could adjust my position settings etc out in the field.

Finally I will leave you with this shot which my daughter Rachel took from the car(through the windscreen) just as we were turning into our road. Sometimes I wish I was the passenger!!!
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Gem said...

Wow, breath-taking photos. I may just have to make a visit there myself some time, what lovely views xxx

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