Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Facebook Photo Challenge - Texture

A recent trip to the Discovery Park at Braintree produced some good rough texture photos.

I really like to experiment with camera angles to try and get a different perspective, this one was taken almost level with this railway sleeper seat and gives a good impression of it's weather worn texture.

I seem to enjoy taking photos of rough texture rather then smooth - is that because it's easier do you think?
I must try and get some smooth textures in before the end of the month.

Although this photo has a bit of both the rough of the rope and the smooth of the pole.

I'm off to a local camera club tonight - a little daunting as I'm not sure what to expect!
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joy said...

lovely pics, tracy. I think rough texture is just more interesting than smooth.
good luck with the camera club, let us know how you get on, please xx

Gem said...

Wow the camera club sounds good. Where abouts is this? Sounds very interesting. I know there is one in Moulsham Lodge which I am yet to look into and there is another that meet at Moulsham Mill by the Army & Navy which I checked out a couple of years ago but wasn't really for me so I'd be interested to hear of any others and also what you think of it. Have a good evening xxx

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