Saturday, 17 September 2011

A first......

Today was the first time I took photos in an official photographer capacity, to say it was nerve-wracking would have been an understatement. The occasion was a triple christening and a wedding blessing, luckily the rain held off long enough to take some pictures before and after the service.
 I was also able to take some photos inside the church too which was the one thing I was really worried about doing, but the church was lovely and bright inside which helped enormously and I took my daughter along as my helper which was fantastic as she took her own camera and snapped away too.
Together we managed to take a lovely selection of photos.
 I decided to stick with the camera in auto (no flash) as although I have been using the P setting I really didn't want to mess things up on the day. I now know why photographers have more than one camera during a wedding/christening as I would have loved to have changed lenses during the service but there just wasn't time so I kept my 18-55 lens on throughout. The vicar and the church wardens couldn't have been more helpful as I had a quick chat with them before the service to ask about where I could and couldn't go which really put my mind at rest.
The hardest part to photograph was at the font as there were lots of people and children gathered round but I think I managed to capture the moment so now I can give a big sigh of relief that my first official photography job is under my belt. And although I have tonnes more to learn it was a great experience and has just increased my love of photography even more.

I haven't added any photos of the family as I need to check with them first to see if they mind me putting their photos on my blog.

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joy said...

well done, tracy, the pics you have posted are brilliant. are you now seriously considering photography as an earner? you should, you are fantastic at it.
joy xx

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