Tuesday, 27 September 2011

And the winner is.......


At Camera Club tonight they held a knock out competition of summer prints you could enter up to 6 prints and each one went head to head with another photo then it was a show of hands as to which one you liked best. Well after much deliberation I entered the following prints.

I know there is 7 but I was still choosing my photos and Ken just grabbed the bundle and put them in.
There were lots of different themes, quite a few Italian lakes and many of the Sydney Opera House.
Some of mine got knocked out in the first round but several went through to the following rounds.
Then it was down to the final 2 my raindrops photo and a wonderful moody misty tree silhouette.
It was nail biting as there had to be a recount but I won by one hand. The upside was that  I won a copy of Collins need to know Digital Photography and a copy of my photo goes on the club website, the down side is that they also took a photo of me accepting my book - and I hate having my photo taking.
I took this photo through our porch window and if you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the transposed image of the flowers in lots of the raindrops.

I'm enjoying this competition malarkey more than I thought I would and am putting my recent successes down to beginners luck.
Next week we are off to Southend to a studio to take portrait shots. I've never taken any photos like that before so it should be really interesting and informative.


joy said...

well done tracy, great shots, all of them, and I absolutely love the raindrops x x x

Gem said...

Well done. A very deserving winner, that photo is amazing. I love the others as well, a true scene of summer, another of my faves is the bubble blowing one, so cute :) xxx

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