Sunday, 2 October 2011

Paper Mill Lock

On Friday Ruth and I decided to take the kids and our cameras down to Paper Mill Lock in Little Baddow, a chance for the kids to have a run around and for us to take some pictures.
Here are some of mine from our little jaunt.....

The sun was reflecting beautifully off the water at the lock and I tried to capture this.

When we first arrived my two played "lets see how many people we can make wave to us", they didn't do too bad at all!

The water on the other side of the lock had a layer of algae on the top - too tempting for some!!!

Lots of the boats had stained glass doors and windows - roses to match the canal art.
A wonderful evening boat ride - lucky for some.
The children enjoyed rock throwing - en masse!
and tree climbing,
whilst I had the chance to catch some reflections

and the pretty lockhouse
Our walked finished with some rather cold but enjoyable paddling
I enjoyed myself and I think they did too!


Gem said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, you have really captured the moment. I only discovered Paper Mill Lock at the beginning of the year and am so glad I did, it is so lovely there xxxx

Sandie said...

I love Papermill Lock. Your photos are beautiful and really capture the moment

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