Sunday, 2 October 2011

A new Photo Challenge

I've joined another photo challenge over on a facebook, A Kitten Called Betty is a new community page that has been set up and yesterday saw the first day of a 30 day challenge.

1/30 - Self Portrait
I spent some of yesterday afternoon playing around with self portraits, never being one to like having photo taken I tried to think of a few ideas that didn't involve you seeing all my face!!! I tried spoons, reflections and just plain hiding but finally settled on this idea of seeing a blurred me behind a hand. I have a similar photo of Tomas, less posed much direct response of having too many photos taken) and thought it would be a gentle introduction to me!
I took this picture on my Nikon D40x with my new 35mm lens using a 10 second timer, it took a little time to get right with just the right amount of focus on my hand and depth of field to blur my face. That left just a little bit of editing so I changed it to black and white and added soft focus.

If you fancy joining in then just pop over to A Kitten Called Betty and upload your photos for all to see!!!

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