Saturday, 30 April 2011

May Photo Challenge on Facebook

Here's the new list for the May Photo Challenge over on Facebook
and here are some of the reasons why I chose them

Butterflies/Caterpillars - because they're pretty

The Humble Sandwich - national sandwich week is in May!

Through the Keyhole - not neccessarily a keyhole but looking through one object to see another??

Something Green - the colour for May is Emerald

The Mighty Oak - in honour of Oak Apple Day (or Pinch-Bum Day but I thought pictures of bums were out so picked oaks) this has something to do with the restoration of the Monarchy back in May 1660

Aeroplanes - in honour of Amy Johnson the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in May 1930

Telephones - Telecommunications Day

Family - because...
This time I shall try a post on here everytime I post a picture on facebook should make life a bit easier!!!!
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