Friday, 1 June 2012

May Photo Challenge

I think I have been so caught up with finding letters of the alphabet this past month that I completely neglected the May Photo Challenge organised by Kathy over at Postcards from the PP. I have trawled through my albums for May and have managed to put together the list of themes.

Every day on the way back from pre-school we drive past these wonderful yellow fields of rapeseed and Tomas opens his window and and we have to smell their sweet fragrance.

Not the monetary kind but the swapping of talents kind I swapped two pincushions and an ironing friend for a beautifully made zipped pouch bag 

The field opposite our house was full of buttercups until the man came to cut the grass! Luckily I had popped out there the day before to catch the early evening light and the lovely yellow buttercups. 

I love listening to BBC Essex during the day so it had to be a picture of my little retro radio. 

Good Things
Delicious cakes definitely are good things. You can find more good things over at Cakes by Barbara Jane

Nine pennants on my crochet red white and blue bunting. 

Small Packages
I have received some lovely packages through the post recently these pretties were from a birthday giveaway that I won over at Dosie Rosie

Technically not a beverage but this starry mug was in the pick package above and I did enjoy a lovely cup of tea in it this morning. 

I have to say I didn't have many photos in my May albums that could be classed as historic but this is our local church and is very very very old!!! 

Front Page
I have been having a clearout in my workroom and I decided to list my unwanted copies of Mollie Makes, if you have any that you don't want they fetch a good price on ebay especially the early ones!!! 

I have to confess the last two photos are from my archives.
Barney's nose! 

Do You See What I See?
I've been wanting to use this photo in a challenge or competition since I took it last year and now I can - I love it!!! 

Phew! I think I scraped in by the edge of my teeth!!!
Pop over to the link page of Postcards from the PP to see everyone else's interpretations


Little Blue Mouse said...

I love your take on currency and station. That sky with the oilseed rape looks so dramatic, and the buttercups and cakes are gorgeous.
I love the last one with it's primary colours.
I don't know about just scraping through, they're a great set of photos!

Eileen said...

Lovely photos, Tracy. It's difficult to choose between them but I'll settle on 'do you see what I see' and 'yellow' as my favourites.

Louise said...

You're photos are super! I love 'station' and 'do you see what I see'.

Lisa said...

I like your thinking for station, the buttercups are just so pretty and that last photo is wonderful!
Lisa x

greenthumb said...

Lovely photos I like your nose and yellow.

Kezzie said...

Brilliant shots Tracy! That one of your kids is so cute and the rest are fantastic also!

Sandra said...

Love the last photo, inspired choice for station - I struggled (and failed!) to think of anything other than a very literal interpretation of that one! Gorgeous picture of the buttercups.

Down by the sea said...

Tracey what a wonderful selection of photos,it doesn't look as you left things until the last moment. My favourites have to be the currency,buttercups and station.

Country Girl said...

Lovely bunting - is that an Attic24 pattern I wonder?
Nose has to be my fave though!

ellens52 said...

The crochet bunting is beautiful - very clever! And what a cute nose, Ellen x

Paula said...

I love the buttercups and the rapeseed field photos and also the Do you see what I see one.

Heidi said...

Love your blog. Your pics are so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more. Am your newest follower now. Have a great weekend!

Fiona said...

Beautiful photos.

Thank you for stopping by Raindrops and Daisies and following.

I am following you back now!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Take care

Fiona x

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