Saturday, 4 February 2012

January Scavenger Hunt

Here are my photos for the January Scavenger Hunt organised by Kathy from Postcards from the PP, better late than never!!!
 This is the sun very soft in the sky on a frosty morning.
 The two buildings of Bradwell power station
I have been practising creating blur, this was harder than it sounds as I think I needed the cars to be travelling a little faster!!!
 Bright red holly berries - managed to capture these before the Thrushes came along and ate the lot!
in season
 My bathroom is in a half finished state at the moment so I played it safe with a photo of the plug
in my bathroom
 Yes, unfortunately this is my mess, the cutting table in my workshop, I left it in this state when I closed up shop for Christmas, what a lovely job for January!!! 
 I know I've already posted this photo on my blog but this was the only information photo I could find for January - my new USB memory stick.
 We had the pleasure of the company of these ducks one bitterly cold Sunday afternoon in the local park. Brr!!
 A discarded cigarette packet in the lane near our house so not only harmful to humans but for the wildlife too!
 Two of my very odd children "planking" in the park.
 I hadn't realised I far up the hill I could see until we went a little further into the farmers field near our house and spied the church in Danbury. The highest point in Essex.
in the distance
Sorry no pretty doorways or grand entrances for me just the sign to the entrance of the private road near our house.
I'm going to try much harder this month to get out and about to get some more photos and definitely not leave it until the last minute, if you would like to see more scavenger hunt photos pop over to Postcards from the PP and don't forget to join in too.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, especially 'odd'.

Saphy said...

love your photo's mine were a last minute one as well.

Patricia said...

I love your photos and like you look forward to February's challenge. This has given me a new interest in photography and I am always on the lookout for new shots.

Paula said...

I've enjoyed looking through your photos, they're all great but my favourite is the fisrt one, it's so beautiful.

Mom&Daughter_Crafters_Extraordinaire said...

Great Photos
I too need to get my photos taken earlier in the month!! I just posted mine tonight.
Looking forward to February's List.

Louise said...

I like your 'odd' photo! I don't get this planking craze at all but I've saw lots if going on last summer!

Kezzie said...

I'm trying to work out where you are geographically given that you are looking at Danbury! I go there quite often to see my friend Are you in Chelmsford? Hatfield Pevrell?!

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