Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Camera Club

Despite the wintry weather there was a good turn out for camera club last night and the topic of the evening was Adobe Elements, 

just wondered how many of you use this editing software, which version you use, how you get on with it and would you recommend it??? 
We started off with the basics, cropping, enhancing with the lightening and darkening tools, dealing with converging lines and wonky horizons!!!
It has made me realise that I do NEED to get this software as although I have been pleased with the results when I use Picasa the Elements package is on another level.
The second half of the evening we watched a DVD tutorial on layers by Barry Beckham, this answered so many questions for me with regards to selecting and removing an item from your image, making transparencies, merging layers and much more the website is worth a look and I'm hoping that once I do start using Elements I can borrow the club's copy and have a play around!!!


joy said...

Hi Tracy,
I use Elements 8, it was a free copy when I did my OU course 2 years ago, its great, but there are still things on there that I haven't even tried yet and I'm still a bit wobbly on layers. But you should get the hang of it quite quickly. I dont bother with the organiser half of it, as I am happy with the way I save my pics.
I would highly recommend 10, I know it has a few extra bits and pieces, and if I choose I can upgrade at reduced price, but I'm happy to stick with 8 for now. Hope that helps. P.S. Did you get my recent email?

Patricia said...

Hi Tracy, I'm currently looking out for a decent editing software but not sure what to go for. I wondered about Picasa but worried that it is an online web album and not happy that I might have to share it with others. I really want to add text to my photos such as my name but not sure how to do it. Any advice would be great.

Patricia said...

Hi Tracy, I left a comment yesterday but it doesn't appear to be here. Basically I am also looking for a good editing software especially to add text to a photo such as my name. I can't seem to find out how to do this. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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