Saturday, 1 January 2011

January Photo Challenge

Happy New Year to you all, the latter part of 2010 was very hectic hence not much blogging took place here at Depth of Field. One of my aims for this coming year is to blog regularly, another is to get to know my camera properly, improve my knowledge of photography and take more pictures!!!

So what better way than to join in the latest FB photo challenge, this list was compiled by Joy.
I love close up photography so can't wait to get snapping. As for the exercise one I don't think there will be any glimpses of me in lycra unless they have been edited first!!! Perhaps I'll stick to photos of others exercising.
The hobby one will obviously include some of my own crafty makes and as my favourite colour is green that shouldn't be a problem either.
If any of you would like to join in the January Challenge let me know.
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1 comment:

joy said...

I rather suspect that most of our "exercise" photos will be of others rather than ourselves! certainly mine will be.
your photographic aims sound identical to mine.
happy snapping,
joy xx

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