Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Kitten Called Betty - Nature

A few days ago we spent the day in the garden and I was able to take a couple of photos of some of the flowers before we started the hard graft.. It's mostly greenery in our garden, which always means lots of pruning. I have been know to get a bit carried away with the secateurs and yesterday was no exception, we even roped all the kids in as there was so much debris from the hedge/tree!
 Anyhow, this next photo did make me chuckle and my husband Paul came up with the caption!
Fifty Shades Of Purple!!!
There has been rumours that I pruned this with my nail scissors but this is all mother nature's work!!!
I love the delicate stamens on these yellow flowers and managed to capture this hover fly waiting to be seated at the dinner table!!
We spent a lovely day at a local country park with friends recently, the sun shone (until the rain came!) and the kids were able to get the kites out and make the most of the breezy day. So this is my interpretation of one of Mother Nature's invisible wonders - The wind.


Fiona said...

Beautiful photos
I love the 50 shades of purple!

Have a great weekend.

x Fiona

Paula said...

Beautiful photos and obviously the 1st one made me laugh ;-)

Gem said...

Great photos, that first one is brilliant :) x x x

Blueberry Heart said...

hi there, great photos you have here!.
Thanks for joining in the swap, could you tell me which of your blogs you'd like me to link to when I do the partnering up post?
BH x

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