Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Kitten Called Betty - 3/30


I had a lovely lunch today with my friend Ruth we enjoyed looking through Christmas magazines (some dating back to 2000), chatting and even managed a trial run of some padded hearts for a forthcoming craft evening at Ruth's church. After Ruth had left I set up this magazine style photo and tried out my new flashgun.
I think that it is a little over highlighted in the left hand side, I mentioned this on the A Kitten Called Betty group page and what I love about the challenge is that you can always get some great advice. So I shall be practising getting my focus right by using a smaller aperture to obtain a greater depth of field as well as getting to grips with my flashgun..
I have a real love of bokeh photography (shallow depth of field - like the pink flowers in my header) so when it comes to a controlled still life picture like this I find it a challenge to get the focus right on everything so armed with instructions I think I will be setting this shoot up again tomorrow and having another go!!!

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