Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

Phew! July sure was busy, now things have settled down and we are enjoying the school summer holidays I thought I would post my July Photo Scavenger Hunt photo's.

Initially I was going to choose some bunting as my red, white and blue but it wasn't until I was going through my photos that I saw these jars of preserves and thought they made a better subject matter.
Red, White & Blue
There wasn't much call for flip-flops during July as the weather was a bit hit and miss but I did manage to spy these beaded beauties of the feet of a friend at the end of school picnic!
I recently found a facebook page showing photo memories of Basildon (the town where I grew up) and they had one of the Toni-bell Ice-cream van which brought back lots of childhood memories, so I was delighted when I saw this modern Toni-bell Ice-cream van on a recent trip to the park!!!
This delicious duo were part of our haul after a trip to the local PYO farm.
One of my recent crafty makes - a welsh flag cushion
A Flag
I love this photo of Tompom in the field at the front of our house
There have been plenty of celebrations in the past few weeks - sports trophies won, awards awarded, school leavers ceremonies and the last day of school but as all these photos included pictures of other peoples children I wasn't sure about posting them on my blog. These handpainted mini canvas pictures were given to the Year 6's during their Leavers Service by the head teacher. She was recently given only a few months to live (bone cancer) but on the day of the service had been told by her doctors that she had made amazing progress and didn't need to come back to see them for another 6 months - now that's a real cause for celebration!!!
A Celebration
I could only find one sea shell in our house so here it is....
Sea Shells
Another of my recent craft projects featuring stars and stripes!
Stars & Stripes
I really didn't think that I was going to be able to deliver on this one and was thrilled when one of the mum's produced this pocket kite at the end of school picnic
A Kite
I have posted two photos for this last find as I can't choose between the two.....Photography makes me VERY happy!!!! this is one of my latest photos that I love!
Something that makes me happy! - Photography
And the other thing that makes me happy is swapping, if you've never tried it then I totally recommend it, you can see details of my latest swap over on my craft blog.
Something that makes me happy! - Craft Swaps!

These wonderful photo scavenger hunts are organised by Kathy over at Postcard's from the PP so if you fancy seeing more photos from other hunters or would like to join in then pop over to her blog.
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KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely photos. Love the one of your little boy.
Oh by the way the cushion has taken pride of place in the craft room.
Thank you for the idea;~)
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

A nice set of photos, the field one is lovely!

Kathy said...

What a great set of photographs this month ... the one of your little boy is lovely! Thanks for joining in!

j said...

I enjoyed your scavenger photos this month. I especially like your strawberry photo:)

Sandra said...

Thanks for joining me over at my blog! You have some lovely photos here - think my favourites are the strawberries and the purple flowers, and that is a gorgeous photo of your little boy (my not-so-littlest boy is a Tom too!) :-)

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