Tuesday, 5 October 2010

For Joy....and more rain!!!

We have an old sycamore tree that we had cut down a couple of years ago and it just keeps sprouting new shoots which I attack on a regular basis and growing on these shoots is this strange looking orange fungi spore type growth which I photographed the other day, now Joy couldn't see from my last photo exactly what it was supposed to be so I popped out today and took another shot - hopefully this one's a little clearer!!!

What do you think Joy???

There have been lots of spider web with raindrops on taken for the October Photo Challenge so I decided to get in on the action and found this web lying horizontally between my sleeper bed and step so I have taken one photo from underneath looking up

and another one on top looking down
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joy said...

Thanks Tracy, I can see it now.
Hugely envious of your sleeper bed, but hope to have a couple put in for next season.
joy x x

ShoutAboutArt said...

I love this first one of the spider's web!

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